• 1976/7

Started Business as a medical equipment supplier in Takasaki,Gunma

  • 1979/7

Started development of medical equipment

  • 1992/3

Started to use the trademark of SHENPIX to unify corporate identity

  • 1993/8

Changed the name to Shenpix Co. Ltd.

  • 1996/5

Established a corporate (台湾興百世股份有限公司) in Taiwan and started to sell High-potential Therapy Apparatus

  • 1997/1

Started to sell High-potential Therapy Apparatus in Korea

  • 1997/5

Started to sell High-potential Therapy Apparatus in Hong Kong and China

  • 1999/12

Accredited ISO9001 as the first body in the domestic High-potential Therapy Apparatus industry

  • 2001/1

Received the 2000 Maebashi-city Industrial/Social Promotion and Contribution award

  • 2001/8

Established the new office & production facility at Kuden, Maebashi; and moved to there

  • 2004/7

Started to sell Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and Cabin

  • 2005/4

Accredited ISO13485 of medical equipment quality

  • 2010/8

Divided the Shenpix’s functions into newly established
companies; Shenpix International Co., Ltd.
and GMP Japan Co., Ltd.